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Theatre scholarships requirements.

* Apply and be accepted for admission to the College by the deadline given each student.

* Major in one of the following Theatre Emphases: Acting, Arts Administration, Costuming, Design/Technical Theatre, Directing, Musical Theatre, Stage Management, Theatre Education.

* Maintain a full-time status with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

* Maintain the standards of acceptable conduct and citizenship as outlined by the Office of Student Development.

* Continue study and progress in your Theatre Major.

* Audition for and/or participate in all theatre productions.

* Actors/ Musical Theatre Actors must accept any roles they are cast in or jobs that they are assigned. Non-actors must accept any jobs that they are assigned. You must participate in all departmental required events (load-in, strike, etc.)

To guarantee the scholarship we encourage you to pay the $200.00 deposit (once accepted to the College) on or before May 1st.

The deposit is fully refundable if requested in writing before May 1st.


Note: Additional institutional aid, including merit scholarships, will be limited for students who receive an arts scholarship.