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The Tools Page is a resource designed specifically for current Greensboro College Theatre students. The Tools Page contains current scripts, schedules, and research for performance emphasis students. For technical emphasis students, the Tools Page is equipped with AutoCAD floor plans and repertory light plots of all the theatre spaces, example cue sheets, and other helpful files.

PDF FILES: To view PDF files in this window, simply click on the name of the file. If you do not have Adobe Reader, follow the link on the bottom of the page to download the program. Once you have opened the file, you may save or print through Adobe Reader.

AutoCAD FILES: To download files to your computer: Right-click on the file name, Click "Save target as..." and specify where you would like to save the file. (NOTE: PDF files will open in the browser window, DWG files will not.) 

Theatre Spaces in AutoCAD

Document Name Download File Notes
GBHPC Section GBHPCsection.dwg Section View of Gail Brower Huggins Performance Center - Updated 9/05
GBHPC Stage Plan View GBHPCstageplanview.dwg Plan View of the stage at the Gail Brower Huggins Performance Center - Updated 9/05
GBHPC Light Plot - Empty GBHPClightplotempty.dwg Full view of Gail Brower Huggins Performance Center including lighting locations and dimmers.
GBHPC Rep Light Plot GBHPClightplot.dwg Repertory light plot for Gail Brower Huggins Performance Center
PARLOR 3d View PARLOR3d.dwg A 3d view of the Parlor Theatre drawn by Tony Lawrence.
PARLOR Repertory Light Plot PARLORreplightplot.dwg The repertory light plot of the Parlor Theatre.
PARLOR Floor Plan PARLORfloorplan.dwg Floor plan for the Parlor Theatre.
PARLOR Section View PARLORsectionview.dwg A section view of the Parlor Theatre.
SCENE SHOP Plan View SCENESHOPplanview.dwg A plan view of the Scene Shop - Updated 5/02

Other AutoCAD Files

Document Name Download File Notes
Altman Lighting Blocks Altman.dwg Altman Instrument Blocks
ETC Lighting Blocks ETC.dwg ETC Instrument Blocks