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Greensboro College Theatre offers a multitude of opportunites for the students to build, design, light, paint and make themselves heard through the creative process - and ultimatlely carve out all the artistic sensibilities they don't know they possess. Undergraduates are the focus of our Design/Tech Emphasis in theatre training, curriculum, productions, and most everything we do.

Students learn the art of design and technical production with experienced faculty, facilities, and equipment that mirror the regional professional production experiences they will face after school.

Greensboro College offers students the opportunity to specialize in a variety of technical theatre areas. Individualized programs allow the students to focus on their main interest and to acquire the skills to compete in the professional world upon graduation.


Areas of study in the Stage Design/Technical Emphasis BA or BS:





Class work and production assignments allow students to acquire and put into action the following skills:

DESIGN (Scene, Lighting, Properties, Sound)



This is a sample of some of the renderings and then its fully realized set following it. In order: The Dixie Swim Club, Romeo and Juliet, and Little Shop of Horrors.








Application of the above knowledge will be demonstrated backstage or onstage in all theatre productions, at theatre conferences, workshops and professional interviewing situations.