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The mission of the Acting Emphasis is to provide rigorous actor training in a liberal art context. At Greensboro College, we develop young artists as individuals through fostering and sharpening their imagination, challenging them in a variety of experiences, and focusing on bringing honesty and truth into their acting. We are interested in actors from a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities, who share a common enthusiasm for learning to work hard, and strive for the best in anything you do. The actors here bring sincerity to their work, and are able to work with professionals.

They are able to think creatively and collaborate efficiently with other colleagues. Students are able to perform in shows immediately and begin the 7-semester actor training core program as soon as they arrive. Actors, besides acting, receive training in voice & movement(Alexander technique, Linklater), impulse-training(Meisner), script analysis, playwriting, auditioning, on-camera acting, Shakespearian, as well as several other electives.


The professors are dedicated to helping the actor make the next step into a graduate program or acting internship upon leaving college. Technical aspects such as resume and monologue repertoire are treated very seriously. Greensboro College Theaters' diverse show seasons consist of contemporary comedies, period-style, Broadway-style musicals, modern dramas, and many more.

In order to apply the knowledge gained form the studio, classroom and shop, acting emphasis majors will: